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HANOI cuisine

Gone through thousands of years and filtered the most sophisticated and unique features of nature in the North of Vietnam, Hanoi’s cuisine has become a special culture that attracts any travelers once they first come to Hanoi. The most significant characteristics of Hanoi cuisine culture are the sophistication and deliciousness. Each food carries each special taste. Hanoi people have the habit of enjoying foods according to the season in a year and the time in a day. In autumn, Hanoi people are excited to celebrate the crop of Com (green rice flakes) in Vong village. In cold winter, it is so great to enjoy the hot crunchy fried shrimp cakes (Banh Tom) by the West Lake (Ho Tay). Trying the sweet taste of shrimp and chatting about old stories is really a great joy in such cold days of winter.


TO nibble on

Homemade Hanoi Spring rolls (4) (Pork minced and vegetable) 10.00
Crispy calamari served with passionfruit sauce 12.00
Hanoi Vegetable Spring rolls (4) ( V) 10.00
Chicken Ribs with lime leaf sauce (GP) 10.00
Bo la lot (5)
(Beef and lemongrass wrapped in betel leaf)
Steamed mussel in chilli coconut cream sauce 15.00
Sweet potato Balls (V) 9.00

Goi cuon


Pork and prawn 6.00
Ginger beef(GP)
( Stir fried beef, lettuce , Fresh herbs rolled in fresh rice noodle sheet)
Vegetable 6.00
Peking duck
(Roasted duck with cucumber and spring onion shredded and hoisin sauce)
Roasted chicken( GP) 6.00
Mini Banh Xeo
(Turmeric Pancake with pork prawn bean sprout ,herbs and lettuce)
Banh Cuon
Steam rice rolls with pork mince
Nem lui
(Lemongrass skewers)
Viet Chicken slaw 12.00
Rare beef salad 12.00
Pomelo Prawn salad with shredded pork, cucumber 13.00
Green papaya salad
(Chicken/ Beef / Prawn/Tofu)
(ask staff for vegan option)
Grilled Salmon with Green salad 14.00


Rare beef 12.90
Poached chicken 12.90
Vegetable ( VG) 12.90
Tender beef brisket 12.90
Special beef 13.90
Combo Beef and chicken 13.90

rice vermicelli

Cha ca La Vong ( Special Blue Ginger Style)
(Ha noi turmeric fish and dill served with sour soup)
Spicy beef noodle soup 13.90
Pho Summer
(Fresh rice noodle with chicken and coleslaw- Please note : this dish is serves cold)
Bun thit nuong
(Southern Grilled pork and Ha noi Springroll)
Crispy tofu (V)
(Beef and lemongrass wrapped in betel leaf)
Bun Cha Ha noi
(Ha noi grilled Pork with pickle in dressing)
Duck noodle Soup 13.90
Ha noi Chicken Vermicelli noodle soup 13.90
Extra meat 2.00


Served with pickled carrot, cucumbers, soft lettuce leaves, fresh herbs, chilli and mayo.

Crackling pork belly 8.50
Omelete 8.50
Lemongrass beef 8.50
Spicy tofu (VG) 7.50
BBQ chicken 8.50

(Served with your choice of vegetable or salad) 

Chilli Pepper Fish 16.00
Lemongrass chicken 15.00

Duck curry

Fried rice with prawn and XO sauce 15.00

Fried tofu in tomato sauce (VG)

Crackling Pork Belly 16.00
Braised sweet and sour pork ribs 16.00
Red wine beef brisket with carrot and potato served with bread roll 15.00

you are
you eat.


Trio of miniature passion fruit brulee , vanilla panna cotta and chocolate ice cream with seasonal mixed berries 12.00
Mango pudding 8.00
Ha noi Style Mixed Fruits with sago and yoghurt or coconut cream 9.00
Cream caramel with pearl and jelly in green cream sauce 9.00
Banana fritter with vanilla ice cream 9.00
Passion fruit cream brulee 8.00


Non alcoholic

Homemade lemonade 6.00
Fresh coconut juice 6.00
Fresh orange juice 7.00
Vietnamese ice coffee 4.00
Ha noi egg coffee 7.00


Avocado 8.00
Passion fruit 8.00
Mango 8.00
Pine apple 8.00
Strawberry 7.00
Carrot 8.00

Soft Drinks $4

Water 4.00

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